Travel Often? You Should Still Get Time With Your Kids

When you travel for your job, it can be hard to have as much custody of your children as you’d like. When you are married, you at least know that they’ll be there at home waiting for you. The same isn’t true when you go through a divorce.

Now that you’re divorcing, it’s important that you get your right to visitation and custody guaranteed through the court. You need to get a good parenting plan and custody schedule in place so that you can still see your children despite a busy career.

How can you protect your parental rights when you travel?

Traveling is no reason not to retain parental rights. You may be in town for only a few months of the year or travel a week or two out of every month, but you’re still your children’s parent. Your parenting plan should consider your responsibilities and career as well as the time you want with your children. For example, while your kids are in school, it may make sense for them to stay with the other parent in a more permanent location, but when they have vacations, it could make sense to bring them with you on tours or while you travel. 

You may want to adjust your schedule to account for the months when you’re out of town and make up for that lost time once you return. Both parents should get a say in how the children are raised, so setting up a schedule that keeps you in their lives throughout the year is important.

This can be a complex situation to work with. Your attorney will work closely with you to find a solution that is in the best interests of your children.

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