"I wholeheartedly recommend the Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg and Schneider team"

      Divorce, by its very nature, is a difficult, unpleasant, and often traumatic experience. Mine was no different. When the papers were finally signed, I had been married for 40 years. Those years had been financially rewarding and dividing up of the assets was not going to be easy. The children were all grown and were productive members of the workforce so at least we didn’t have that issue. Nonetheless, it took four years from the time we separated to conclude the matter. Two and a half years to even get to the point of hiring a lawyer and then almost one and a half years to finalize. I was lucky to have received a recommendation to use Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg and Schneider. Both Jeffrey Weissman, the partner on the matter, and Tova Verchow, the senior associate, were incredibly responsive, smart, and never tried to make small issues into larger ones. If I wrote to Tova at 8 in the evening, I received a response that night and not sometime the next day. I was made to feel that my matter was important and that I was in good hands. I never objected to a single bill as their billing was always fair. I wholeheartedly recommend the Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg and Schneider team to guide you through the difficult process of divorce.

      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman, Tova N. Verchow
      "Tova had my back!"

      Tova made the process easy and efficient for me. While going through a divorce with a young child was complicated, I always felt that Tova had my back and made sure both my child and I were protected. Tova was prompt in her responses and clear in the expectations she delivered on. She gracefully guided me through the process with a kind ear, and carefully shepherded me and my son into the next stage of my life. Thank you, Tova!

      Categories: Tova N. Verchow
      "Exceptional Legal Expertise"

      I want to express my sincere gratitude to Abigail Cohen for her exceptional legal expertise and support during my divorce. From the beginning, Abby demonstrated a high level of expertise, compassion, and dedication. She guided me through every step of the process, always keeping my best interest in mind. She is highly responsive, detailed, and strategic in her approach. I always felt informed knowing that she was working to achieve the best possible outcome for me. I’m grateful to have had her as my counsel. I highly recommend Abby and can’t thank her enough for her support.

      Categories: Abigail M. Cohen
      "Detailed Oriented and Thorough"

      I highly recommend Abigail Cohen to any client seeking help with a prenuptial agreement.

      Abby was incredibly detail-orientated and thorough. She demonstrated a commanding knowledge of family and Florida prenuptial law. Her work product was first-rate. And she was always incredibly responsive and quick. 

      But what I appreciated most was how kind she was. She went above and beyond to answer all my questions, helped me think through tough decisions, and explained every step of the process. I never felt rushed, and I appreciate that she took the time to get to fully understand my circumstances—to get to know me, my family, my small business, and my priorities. She was always responsive to emails or calls. And she made me feel at ease throughout the process.

      I also enjoyed working with Abby’s team, Kristy and Kristina. They were always very responsive and helpful with technology and scheduling.

      Having worked with many attorneys, I can easily say without reservation that working with Abby was one of the best and most stress-free experiences I have had. I cannot recommend her and her team highly enough.

      Categories: Abigail M. Cohen
      "Abby was a strategic voice of reason throughout a very difficult process."

      Abby was a strategic voice of reason throughout a very difficult process, and the trust built was invaluable. We would recommend her to anyone looking for the best possible outcome to a challenging experience.

      Lisa H.
      Categories: Abigail M. Cohen
      "The best decision I made over the course of my marital separation and subsequent divorce was choosing Tova as my lawyer."

      The best decision I made over the course of my marital separation and subsequent divorce was choosing Tova as my lawyer. Her expertise saved me from self-doubt and sleepless nights.

      My ex-spouse had full control of our finances. I was terrified I would never be rightfully compensated for my 25-year role as a homemaker. Tova put all the tools in place to ensure that I would be granted an equitable settlement, and she worked tirelessly on my behalf. I could not have asked for better results.

      Aside from being a gifted attorney, Tova also happens to be kind, empathetic, and nurturing. It was not her duty to provide emotional support in addition to her professional role, but she did so generously.

      Tova is exceptional in every regard. I am eternally grateful she represented me and continues to stand by me enforcing the legalities of my settlement.

      Jenny D.
      Categories: Tova N. Verchow
      "I felt she did for me what she would have done for herself."

      I never write a review, but this time I think it’s important to share my experience to others who are going through the same situation:

      Divorce is not an easy process, with a minor child involved it is even more difficult. I had the pleasure of meeting Denise in the middle of a tough time emotionally and while in the middle of a current divorce process that seemed to have no end in sight. It was the most painful period in my life. I had a 1-year-old baby, a company to take care of, and my entire family living outside the United States, and I felt totally powerless. I was unable to finalize my divorce and to have a proper timesharing schedule that would be in the best interest of my child. Two prior attorneys tried for over a year, but couldn’t find the right strategy to move my process forward and release me from the deep pain of the divorce along with the never-ending high bills. The entire situation left me completely frustrated.

      Denise looked out for me and my daughter. She moved my case and gave me advice to help me deal with the situation. I was able to think better and to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had a complicated case with a complex person who was not willing to agree to any proposal. I was ready to invest more and more money in what was a tough situation for me to go through. I was willing to go to trial and solve everything in court. Denise never let me lose the faith that it would end and that I would be okay. She set up the mediation as a final step and we were able to finalize my divorce with a detailed agreement that included the best interest of my daughter. I highly recommend Denise with all her knowledge and being so careful with the client. Denise made me feel heard, In what was a very tough time in my life, I trusted Denise and she led me to my freedom. I am extremely grateful to have found her. Denise never made me feel like a statistic, I felt she did for me what she would have done for herself. I am thankful for Denise and her support through this difficult process.

      Danielle A.
      Categories: Denise L. Schneider
      "I highly recommend them"

      When faced with divorce, it’s rare to find a firm that you can trust and that personally cares about their clients. Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider is that firm. During the process I worked with Jeffrey Weissman and Denise Schneider, who were very competent and always made me feel heard and safe. Recently I had a modification and once again, Denise Schneider handled it professionally, was able to help resolve the situation in my favor. I highly recommend them and their firm as trusted advisors.

      Helen F.
      Categories: Denise L. Schneider
      "Her robust knowledge of family law made me feel like I was represented by the best of the best during my divorce proceedings."

      I would highly recommend Abigail Cohen to anyone seeking divorce representation. Abigail was a staunch advocate and impressive litigator. Her robust knowledge of family law made me feel like I was represented by the best of the best during my divorce proceedings. She effectively managed my expectations and was empathetic to the personal trauma I was going through during the toughest time of my life. Abigail is a true attorney-advisor. She helped me think through every outcome before I made an important decision, quelling my reservations and providing confidence and certainty during very uncertain times.

      Categories: Abigail M. Cohen
      "Completely satisfied with the result!"

      I dealt with Abby Cohen at this prestigious firm, and was very pleased with her professionalism and strategy, which resulted in a winning case. She was very focused on my case, and was always available for consultation, and was very tough where she needed to be. Completely satisfied with the result! Thanks to you, Abby and your team for everything!

      Categories: Abigail M. Cohen
      "Amazingly efficient and effective attorneys."

      Amazingly efficient and effective attorneys. I could not speak more highly about Abigail Cohen and the team at Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider for their work ethic and responsiveness. They are also just really nice people and care about their clients.

      Categories: Abigail M. Cohen
      "She was very supportive"

      I worked with Ms. Tova Verchow and had a truly positive experience. She was very supportive, offered great advice, and stayed consistently attentive, with great attention to detail.

      Rebekah P.
      Categories: Tova N. Verchow
      "Definitely Among the Best"

      As Chief Executive and Chairman of a large public company, I was accustomed to dealing with many different attorneys throughout my life. Jeffrey Weissman and his team at Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider, P.A., however, were definitely among the best.
      My former wife and I had been separated for 30 years before we decided to legally divorce. It was not an overly-emotional matter, and our biggest concern was avoiding all of the stress and time usually associated with divorce proceedings. Jeff Weissman and his team ensured that my divorce progressed smoothly and concluded as soon as possible–saving us time and money. The attorneys and staff were very professional and polite, and my ex-wife even commented on how gracious they were. Overall, I am very happy with the result of my case and highly recommend Mr. Weissman’s legal services.

      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman
      "I owe you a great deal of gratitude."

      I owe you a great deal of gratitude for taking my case on. This weekend last year, my ex and I told our son we were separating, and my ex moved out. A lot of hard life stuff got done in a very short amount of time. I could not have achieved that without you and your team. If anything is to come up in the future, I will reach out. Thank you so much again, Peter.

      Marisa. F.
      Categories: Peter L. Gladstone
      "Expertise, sincerity, and integrity."

      I retained Mr. Peter Gladstone, from I have used Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider, P.A., on more than one occasion and have found them very responsive and thorough in their advice and conclusions. They were able to get me through a couple of difficult situations without a big blow up. I would recommend them to anyone needing their specialty., after interviewing seven different family law attorneys. His expertise, sincerity, and integrity impressed me the most. In fact, he was the only attorney that asked me how my children were coping, even offering some reference materials on how to help them.

      Initiating a divorce can be a very chaotic, unsettling time in one’s life. Mr. Gladstone’s keen understanding of family law, along with his supportive guidance, helped pave the way to a brighter future. I always felt empowered and well-informed. He is truly a dedicated professional, and he, along with his staff, provided a superior level of professional services. I would highly recommend Mr. Gladstone to anyone going through the painful process of divorce.

      Jo W.
      Categories: Peter L. Gladstone
      "Truly a slam dunk."

      Whenever I am with my daughter I’m reminded how fortunate I am to have had Peter Gladstone and his team at Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider, P.A. representing me during my divorce. A lot was at stake, my ex-wife was adamant in trying to limit my contact with my daughter as much as possible. Thanks to Peter’s deft handling of the case I now enjoy equal time sharing with my daughter. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, I got everything I asked for, it was truly a slam dunk. I owe Peter a great deal of gratitude to for the outstanding work he did on my behalf. I’m convinced that if it wasn’t for him I would not be enjoying equal time sharing with my daughter.

      Peter S.
      Categories: Peter L. Gladstone
      "He brings humanity to the process"

      As we all come to learn divorce is not an event or an end, it is a process and journey. One few of us are prepared to make beyond a desire to find resolution and peace. Without the help of Peter and the dedicated professionals of Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider, P.A., I may not have as successfully navigated the emotional and economic turmoil of the process. Beyond the technicalities of law which Peter is so richly recognized by his colleagues and peers, he brings humanity to the process which at times can seem to be lost. Lost during a period where enough other losses are already in play. Fortunately or unfortunately total closure is not always achievable and it is reassuring that Peter and his group is there throughout the longer haul. In the lyrics of Dylan “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”, Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider, P.A. certainly provided that momentary respite for me and my children. If you need an attorney pick anyone, if you need a coach, counsel and supporter, pick Peter Gladstone and his firm.

      Kurt S.
      Categories: Peter L. Gladstone
      "Gave me comfort."

      As harrowing as a divorce is for all concerned, my experience with the process was made much less anxiety-ridden because of the people of Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider, P.A., in particular Peter Gladstone.

      My strong belief is that he is as talented a divorce attorney as can be found in South Florida. Over and above that, his sincere caring and concern for my emotional state gave me comfort through extremely tough times.

      Without hesitation, I would endorse Peter’s firm to anyone needing those services.

      Alan A.
      Categories: Peter L. Gladstone
      "The best representation possible."

      My selection criteria for legal consultation began by reviewing attorneys that were respected by their peers and were also influential in their respective legal specialty via associations and relationships with the bar. Peter Gladstone seemed to me to be on the top of this list. Because my ex-husband had an enormous advantage over me with his wealth and high profile, I knew I would need an attorney at the top of his field to protect my rights and also be able to represent me on equal ground.

      My initial meeting with Peter Gladstone was such a relief to me because he listened compassionately, re-iterated my concerns in my perspective and then guided me with only realistic options. I knew from this first meeting that I located the best attorney and firm for my case. Even the phone call to set up my appointment for the initial consultation when I spoke to his assistant was a comfort, as well as all my future inquiries and messages because they were relayed as accurately as I had stated. Besides having the most impressive ability to compose eloquent and succinct written correspondence on the fly, Peter Gladstone negotiates with opposing counsel in a polite and convincing manner that is achievable and equitable to both parties, which I feel expedited my case to settle as quickly as possible. As a leader in his field, I was confident I had the best representation possible. If there is one word to describe my experience with the legal counsel I received, it would be the infallible and continuous “trust” I had in Peter Gladstone from the first day to the final hearing.

      Laura P.
      Categories: Peter L. Gladstone
      "A pleasure and a joy to work with."

      When I met Peter 4 years ago, I was a terrified woman. I could barely stop crying during our first meeting. He was so calming and understanding that from that moment forward I felt as if somehow, someway it would get better. I didn’t know how, yet he always made me feel reassured.

      Having really never experienced any legal issues before, the process was scary at best. At Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider, P.A., someone was always available to help me with any questions or concerns… and always with a friendly, understanding and compassionate answer. I truly believe that they cared about me as a person and not just a client. It is very important to have a good rapport with someone you spend time with, particularly in this case when so many details of your life are exposed. So, you must feel comfortable and be able to communicate. I felt from the beginning that connection and still do to this day… even after my divorce is final.

      I will always be grateful for all of the hard work and efforts of your team, especially Peter and Chris. Chris’s tireless efforts and unbelievable organizational skills were astounding. Not to mention your behind the scenes people, whom I am sure did more than I know about. You were all a pleasure and a joy to work with. Thanks for helping me through one of the most difficult times of my life.

      Janice S.
      Categories: Peter L. Gladstone
      "A positive and satisfying experience"

      Peter: It has been a positive and satisfying experience for me having you represent me in my divorce case, even during an emotionally difficult time for me. As you know, I am very pleased with the results, not because either one of us “won”, but because I thought the outcome was very fair, despite the complexity of my financial position (not surprisingly she didn’t think so). I was impressed with your deep knowledge of the law, your talent for writing in clear “legalese”, and your always sound advice (seldom without an argument from me, but I’m glad you usually prevailed). And on a personal level, I felt that I could count on you for support when it was needed. I hope you and your staff enjoyed the champagne I sent you.

      Martin G.
      Categories: Peter L. Gladstone
      "A pleasure to watch you work."

      On a personal note it truly means so much to me that you handled my case. It has been a pleasure to watch you work and lead your team. I am so impressed and would recommend you to anyone who needs a Marital and family Attorney.

      Lauren H.
      Categories: Peter L. Gladstone
      "Knowledge, Patience, Professionalism, and Honesty"

      A divorce is hard enough emotionally, so to navigate the details of shared assets and child custody is intense. When my ex-husband and I decided to get divorced, I was overwhelmed and lost. Luckily, a friend highly recommended David Hirschberg. I firmly believe that David’s knowledge, patience, professionalism, and honesty are what got me through that time. The decisions he helped me make and the professional advice he provided has helped our entire family navigate such a painful time to be productive for our children and get us towards a path of great co-parenting. I don’t know how he does it, but he’s like a therapist and brilliant divorce attorney all wrapped up into what feels like a truly caring friend. Divorce is miserable, but if you have to go through it- I recommend having David guide you through such a trying time. His expertise, patience and ability to know when to be tough and when to proceed with caution help foster as healthy of an environment as is possible, while protecting your interests and assets. So grateful for him!!

      Categories: David L. Hirschberg
      "They Will Receive Top-Notch Legal Representation"

      I had the pleasure of working with Jeffrey Weissman regarding a postnuptial agreement for one of my significant estate planning clients. Not only was I completely impressed with his knowledge of the law which I absolutely expected, but Jeff has a unique ability to convey the law and the work required to be done in a manner for a layperson to understand. When the client’s signing ceremony for the postnuptial agreement (which should have been a standard signing) took an unexpected turn, Jeff adeptly handled the meeting, preserved the series of events for the formal record and scheduled all parties to reconvene for a signing at a later date. Everything was strategically done in a manner which shows his experience and complete advocacy for his client in order to accomplish the desired result. My client was very pleased with the outcome and how Jeff made this difficult and emotional situation something that was painless. Jeff and his staff responded to every email with promptness and precision and he took as much time as was necessary to ensure my client was fully informed and understood all documentation prepared. I will absolutely refer any of my clients who need a family law attorney to Jeff and will feel comfortable that they will receive top-notch legal representation. The honor of 2013 Family Law Attorney of the Year could not be awarded to a more deserving attorney!

      Jennifer Z.
      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman
      "Treated as One of Their Family"

      From my first meeting with Jeff Weissman and Denise Schneider, and throughout my entire divorce, I was treated as one of their family. If you’re looking for attorneys with the highest level of integrity that really care about their clients, these guys are the “real deal”. Their knowledge and experience of the legal process combined with their carefully constructed strategic and tactical planning made my divorce easier than I could have ever imagined.

      Whether it was early morning or evening hours, they were always there for me when I needed questions answered or just someone to speak with.

      I was treated as a human being, with dignity and respect. I was not just another client getting divorced.

      Divorce is painful. Jeff and Denise helped to ease my pain.

      David M.
      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman, Denise L. Schneider
      "Unstoppable and Relentless"

      David is incredibly articulate and warm. David was also unstoppable and relentless when it came to representing me. David was always attentive and accessible when I needed him and I know I made the right choice in hiring him. I would highly recommend him (and have recommended him) to men and women going through a difficult divorce.

      Jodi P.
      Categories: David L. Hirschberg
      "Passion, Dedication, and Professionalism"

      David, I am writing this letter to you to express my most sincere thanks for the most professional representation. I admire your composure, work ethic and most of all excellent representation. I am so grateful for your passion, dedication, and professionalism. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the amazing legal work your team did on my behalf.

      Categories: David L. Hirschberg
      "Mr. Hirschberg Went Above and Beyond"

      David Hirschberg made the process of going through complex divorce proceedings as easy as possible. Not only was he extremely responsive and accessible, but his extensive knowledge of family law combined with a genuine concern for the wellbeing of his clients also made him a pleasure to work with. Many times during the process Mr. Hirschberg went above and beyond to follow up with me or make sure I understood the next steps. He personally returned all calls and emails the same day. I always felt like I was in the most capable hands throughout the process and I always felt like Mr. Hirschberg was prepared and remembered the details of my case. I never had one moment during the process where I did not feel like Mr. Hirschberg had my best interests top of mind. I would strongly recommend him if you are looking for the best possible legal counsel in family law.

      Jody K.
      Categories: David L. Hirschberg
      "Exceeded My Expectations"

      What began as a painful and stressful personal situation requiring legal counseling ended up as an amicable process lead by Attorney David L. Hirschberg and his professional team. Each interaction with Attorney Hirschberg exceeded my expectations as he and his staff promptly and clearly addressed all questions and concerns. I appreciated the timely updates on when the next statements would be arriving; the itemized statements were clear and concise, so I was never surprised with an obscure or hidden charge. Every meeting/call with Mr. Hirschberg reassured me that David had a plan and was working to complete my case and not bother me with unnecessary details and costing me billable hours. David has a passion for helping people get through tough family situations and it shows. Mr. Hirschberg handled my case with care and proficiency. I was able to get much more than I had hoped for. I understood the process as he took the time to explain everything which made it all less stressful. Very professional and great customer care from the entire team. I can’t say enough good things about them and highly recommend for anyone looking for a great lawyer to handle a divorce case and provide some comfort and reassurance during a difficult time. Mr. Hirschberg was always available, even on weekends if needed. I knew he would always be there and provide quick concise information I needed at any moment. Attorney Hirschberg and his team are truly A+ professionals. Ethical and knowledgeable every step of the way.

      Categories: David L. Hirschberg
      "Kind, Competent and Extremely Effective"

      Peter, I am coming to the end of my child support modification issue and wish to commend you, Denise Schneider and your firm on the excellent legal representation provided. While I still disagree with the laws application in my case, the legal advice was never in question. In fact, Denise Schneider consistently advocated the most prudent course of action which at times, was contrary to the usual critical assessment of attorneys’ overt concern with billable hours. Further, I found the response time to any question appropriately correlated to the urgency communicated by me.

      These types of legal matters can be annoying and emotionally draining. You and Denise were kind, competent and extremely effective. Thank you and I would enthusiastically recommend your firm to anyone seeking legal representation.

      James M.
      Categories: Peter L. Gladstone, Denise L. Schneider
      "I Hold Jeff and His Firm in the Highest Regard."

      I was very pleased with the way Jeff handled my divorce. He moved through issues quickly and reached practical resolution. He was willing to suggest and try innovative approaches to issues and sold them well to the other side. He is constantly cognizant of the relationships within his specialty and importance of keeping everyone whole. I think he has great credibility within the realm of family law practice which helps him get through difficult issues. He has put together a strong team and his firm is extremely responsive and doesn’t let time-sensitive matters rest. I hold Jeff and his firm in the highest regard.

      Jeff Y.
      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman
      "Rock-Solid Representation"

      Divorce is without question one of the most difficult and trying experiences a person or family can go through in life. Having the right attorney to help you through the process with the utmost professionalism, sound judgment, and extreme care to detail is absolutely necessary. Often there are times of emotional stress, and it takes a certain individual to help move you forward, and see there is light at the end of the tunnel. Mr. Hirschberg not only met, but rather exceeded my expectations throughout my case, and was always prepared to go above and beyond while always keeping my best interests at the forefront. I am so grateful I had him in my corner. If you ever need legal counsel and rock-solid representation, look no further.

      Joseph T.
      Categories: David L. Hirschberg
      "Earned My Absolute Trust and Gratitude"

      I wanted to express how much I appreciate everything you and the rest of your team has done for me. Divorce is an emotionally charged event and, in my case, fairly complex. Throughout this entire process, you and your crew have been not only professional and thorough, but also a calming and compassionate influence that has helped me stay on course and focused on what is important. Thank you for all your help and support. I am extremely fortunate to have in my corner a team that has earned my absolute trust and gratitude.

      Lincoln D.
      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman
      "Empathetic, Quick to Respond to My Questions and Concerns, Extremely Knowledgeable"

      When faced with a divorce after 13 years of marriage, I walked into Jeff Weissman’s office unsure of what I needed to do and who I could trust to guide me through this difficult time. Jeff and his associates gave me an immediate sense of comfort by wanting to know about me and my situation rather than trying to ‘sell’ me on why I should hire their firm. They asked me a lot of thoughtful questions and listened intently to each and every answer I gave them in that initial meeting. As we worked together during the stages of the divorce process, all the way through the day of my final judgment ending my marriage, Jeff and his colleagues were empathetic, quick to respond to my questions and concerns, extremely knowledgeable on all matters, and efficient which saved me time and money. Knowing that Jeff and his team were constantly looking out for my best interests and not their bottom line gave me the security and the confidence I needed and make the whole experience more bearable. I feel extremely lucky to have been referred to the firm and I know I wouldn’t have wanted to go through this without Jeff & Chris. I highly recommend Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider, P.A. to anyone in need of a family lawyer.

      Denise Z.
      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman
      "Capable and Honest"

      I think that one of the most complimentary things you can say about an Attorney, is that after working with him for a couple of years, and having concluded that work, he became your friend.

      Jeff Weissman was recommended to me by another Attorney friend of mine. This friend saw the terrible experience I had with a previous Divorce Attorney and wanted to help me. Even though I had a very difficult divorce case, my experience working with Jeff and his team was very positive. He’s extremely capable and honest. He always had the right attitude and was fair. The fees he charged me were always reasonable and I never had the feeling of being overcharged… which is a very common feeling when dealing with Attorneys…

      I felt very protected working with “Gladstone & Weissman” and I would strongly recommend them in case you must divorce… but if there is any way you can reconcile with your wife or husband , try that first…

      Celso C.
      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman
      "Left No Stone Unturned in All Aspects"

      I was in a state of shock after I found out that my marriage of 20 years was about to crumble. My good friend gave me the names of two divorce attorneys. One was a woman and the other a man. I decided to interview the woman first thinking that I would be more comfortable with a female.

      Then I met Jeff Weissman. He proceeded to give me a mini-course on divorce 101. I chose Jeff on the spot. I could see the passion he had for his work. There was no doubt that I was in good hands.

      Jeff was sensitive to my every need and answered all my questions. He was thorough, and meticulous, and left no stone unturned in all aspects of the law and my particular case. When issues arose that I could not handle, he became my guide and my strength. Jeff made sure to understand ME- the woman whom he knew I could become.

      My story has a happy ending. My husband and I sought counseling and we reconciled our differences. The bonus for me is Jeff Weissman- a wonderful person, and a dear friend for life!

      Sarah T.
      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman
      "Strategic, Professional Approach"

      Jeffrey Weissman recently represented me during a painful divorce proceeding admirably. I chose your firm because of the strategic, professional approach I felt would be taken, in the end that is the exact approach that was taken. Jeff was skillful in staying out of any petty drama and always dealt from a position of strength and leverage while minimizing exposure. Moreover, Jeff became a trusted personal friend during and remains after the process ended.

      Tim H.
      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman
      "Knowledge and Expertise in Sophisticated Family Law Matters Is Top-Notch"

      As a trusts and estates attorney, I have worked together with Jeff Weissman and my clients on numerous occasions. I am always impressed by Jeff’s compassion, intelligence, responsiveness and professionalism. Jeff’s knowledge and expertise in sophisticated family law matters is top-notch. In addition, Jeff truly listens to his clients, making them feel supported and understood. He accurately assesses their needs and helps them to make decisions that are in their best interests, as well as the best interests of their children. Jeff is respected by his peers and judges, having a reputation for zealously representing his clients while maintaining an ethical practice. Each of my clients who has worked with Jeff has thanked me for the recommendation. It is my strong belief that any individual wanting excellent representation in the area of family law should contact Jeff Weissman.

      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman
      "Hard Work, Responsiveness to Our Questions and Concerns and Decisiveness in Litigating All Issues"

      Mr. Hirschberg was hired to help my brother in a very contentious divorce case. I am an attorney in Colorado practicing criminal defense. My brother also lives out of state. In the end, Mr. Hirschberg won every single issue in the case and did so without getting “in the gutter” with opposing counsel. My brother and I were extremely pleased by Mr. Hirschberg’s hard work, responsiveness to our questions and concerns and decisiveness in litigating all issues. As an attorney, I fully appreciated his adherence to the ethical standards of our profession yet being relentless in his pursuit of our arguments and claims. We had numerous complex and emotional issues which Mr. Hirschberg handled quickly and promptly. He was excellent in explaining these complicated issues to my brother and to me. Mr. Hirschberg challenged and defeated every argument and claim made by opposing counsel.

      In addition to all his excellent skills as an attorney, he has a wonderful sense of humor which is very important when dealing with such stressful issues. I give Mr. Hirschberg my highest recommendation. Please call me if you have any questions.

      Michael I. Cohen, Esq.
      Categories: David L. Hirschberg
      "Went the Extra Mile Always to Help"

      There aren’t enough kind words I can say about Mr. Hirschberg. He was definitely the “right” attorney for me. He realized that I was a human being and never lost sight that I was a person and there were real emotions involved. He handled my case with dignity and I’m proud that he represented me. David went the extra mile always to help me in all ways. He expertly guided me through this very trying time in my life and for that I will always be grateful. I believe David is an attorney with a heart, a real heart that beats and feels and that is something really rare!

      Leslie K.
      Categories: David L. Hirschberg
      "Vigorously and Ethically Represent Their Clients"

      In the course of my 23 year career as an attorney in South Florida, I have had the privilege of coming across a select few attorneys who truly understand what it means to vigorously, and ethically represent their clients, while doing so with the utmost compassion. Jeff Weissman is one of those attorneys. Jeff’s understanding of Florida law, the family law court system, and the issues that can come up in family matters is unparalleled. He is truly a great advocate for his clients, and makes a difficult time in their lives much easier to bear. I highly recommend Jeff Weissman for all of your family law matters.

      Glen G.
      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman
      "Treated Me as Though I Was Their Most Important Client"

      A recommendation from a top family lawyer in New York led me to Jeffrey A. Weissman. I showed up at Jeff’s law office with a picture of my four teenage children, tears in my eyes and a desperate need to find someone to help me navigate through a divorce after 24 years of marriage. I had already met with two other lawyers whose main focus was on the monetary aspects of my case and I did not feel would represent me in the best way possible.
      In contrast, Jeff sat with me for a couple of hours and calmly walked me through the divorce process from beginning to end, answering all of my questions and helping me to understand exactly what lie ahead. His passion, creativity and intelligence were apparent and second to none. After my “divorce tutorial,” I knew I had finally found the leader of my team.
      After assembling a top-notch group of professionals for my case, Jeff diligently worked on my behalf and always had my best interests at heart. Listening to my fears and concerns, Jeff was always sensitive to my needs, while still using his top-notch skills to keep me focused and looking at the big picture. Although numerous events existed in my divorce that could have provoked anger and conflict, Jeff’s gift of reason throughout the process helped to keep my emotions positively focused. By following Jeff and his team I was led through a very successful and amicable mediation which resulted in a very fair and positive settlement.
      Jeff and the staff of Gladstone & Weissman treated me as though I was their most important client, completed my divorce in a very timely matter and kept me informed of all correspondence pertinent to my case. Whenever I am asked who represented me in my divorce, whether it is another family lawyer, friend or other professional, I am very proud to say Jeffrey Weissman. Those who know him, even opposing attorneys, always have kind and positive things to say about him. The true test of a respected professional is the positive confirmation of his peers.
      I know without a doubt, that without Jeff’s intelligence, compassion, innate ability to understand the psychology of people and superb skills in presenting my case to the opposing counsel, I would not have had as successful an outcome. Jeff was the silver lining in my divorce and I will forever be thankful.

      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman
      "A Man With Great Respect"

      I had the good fortune to become a client of Jeffrey Weissman many years ago. I was in a difficult time of my life an even though I had a lawyer for many years, during which it seemed that a dark cloud could not be lifted. I consider meeting him not just good fortune, but a blessing.

      In our initial consultation, it struck me that while I interviewed Mr. Weissman, HE was interviewing ME. It was a very refreshing moment for me because I understood that he would take my case only if he believed in the case and the people involved. I realize that he needed to understand why, after so many years with another law firm, I was still in need for a lawyer.

      This deep interest and need to understand who he had in front of him before taking the case showed me the integrity of Mr. Weissman. I was not just a pay check or just one more case. I was a person who needed help and he assumed responsibility to help me and my kids by solving the problems instead of dragging the matter on unnecessarily. The dark cloud would have just consumed me, making me unable to take care of myself or my kids.

      I learned to lean on and trust Mr. Weissman completely and listen to his advice. He listed to and understood my frustrations. He is a man with great respect for values like family, empathy, courage, forgiveness. He’s extremely intelligent and caring. He can comprehend complex matters and develop innovative strategies taking in consideration his client’s background, culture, strengths and weaknesses. By really understanding me and where I was coming from, he determined the right path for a successful result. I will be honest and admit that once or twice I did not agree with his advice, but I trusted in his experience and instincts. Let me tell you, he was absolutely right and I was glad to have listened to him!

      It’s nearly unheard of to feel you can trust your lawyer blindly. However, with Mr. Weissman I felt that I could and I did. I’m grateful to God that he crossed my path with Mr. Weissman. He will be my lawyer for life and I will ask him for suggestions because integrity, honor and respect are hard to find. Once you find them in a person you cherish them.

      Sabina T.
      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman
      "Most Practical, Creative and Passionate Matrimonial Attorney"

      Jeff Weissman is simply, hands down, the most practical, creative and passionate matrimonial attorney in South Florida. He fights for his clients like they are his family but takes a very pragmatic approach to every case. He would rather settle than litigate, and he knows how to work with his adversaries to get the job done for his clients.

      David P.
      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman
      "Completely Honest With Me"

      David got the job done! When I came to him with my divorce dilemma, I was separated from my wife, she wasn’t letting me see the kids, and I had a child support enforcement order that was executed incorrectly and was grossly unfair. David guided me step by step, from staying organized to staying above water. I feel he has always been completely honest with me in managing my expectations and timelines and keeping them realistic. He has taken the time to make sure I understand the law and the situation without ever talking down to me or speaking in “legalese.” Within two months of hiring David, he was able to turn the situation around. I feel lucky to have had an attorney who was not only passionate about my case, but who was determined to right my ex’s wrongs and work in the best interests of my children. Now, less than a year later, I have my children and a child support order that is fair to all parties involved.

      Categories: David L. Hirschberg
      "Dedicated Towards Producing Effective Results"

      Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider, P.A.'s reputation as the prominent family law practice is well-earned. The entire staff is dedicated towards producing effective results during the most trying of times. It provided great comfort knowing there was a team of caring and incredibly competent professionals working on my behalf.

      Jeff Weissman was the obvious star of the team. He helped me clarify my goals and stay on track. Even when the case got contentious, I never once doubted who had my back. Jeff steered me through a mine field of complex and emotional obstacles with an obvious command of the law, the benefit of his experience, and a genuine caring which showed true compassion and empathy. I could not have ended up where I did without him, and will never forget what he did for me.

      Greg L.
      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman
      "Always Had My Family’s Best Interest at Heart"

      Situations involving the need for a Family Law Attorney are never easy. When I was faced with divorce, the thought of my family falling apart was upsetting. I knew in my heart that regardless of the situation, I did not want to further jeopardize the health and wellbeing of my loved ones by becoming involved in a long, drawn out battle. There are no winners in a divorce. Thanks to Jeff Weissman and the rest of the courteous, patient, and caring staff at Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider, P.A., my divorce was nowhere near as painful as I’m sure it would have been had I gone with another firm.

      From the onset I felt at ease with Jeff and his staff. I was treated with dignity and compassion at all times by everyone I encountered at Gladstone & Weissman. Throughout the entire process I could tell that my personal situation was of genuine concern to them – they were not there to merely make money. Truth be told, I actually found a true friend in Jeff. He was very honest and the advice he gave me was always in my best interest (even if I didn’t always agree with it) rather than an attempt to log billable hours. I was always made to feel at home in their offices. My phone calls were never treated as an interruption; rather they were well received at all times – day or night.

      Jeff and his colleagues are all extremely intelligent and are adept at successfully guiding you through the confusing and painful labyrinth of divorce and child custody to achieve the best outcome for the entire family. There were many opportunities that arose where Jeff could have taken advantage of the situation to make more money; however, he never took that route. Rather, Jeff honestly always had my family’s best interest at heart.

      I am a successful businessman that has worked with countless law firms over the years and I have to admit that Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider, P.A. stands out among the crowd by far. They are the best law firm with the finest attorney’s I have ever had the pleasure of working with. There is little wonder why the firm and its staff receive accolades year after year. Jeff most certainly earned the title 2014 Family Lawyer of the Year bestowed upon him by Best Lawyers in America. I don’t think a more patient and compassionate attorney with his caliber of experience and intellect exists.

      As I said before, in divorce and custody issues there is never a true winner. I am convinced that had I retained another firm to handle my situation I would have suffered disastrous results. I also would not have had the pleasure of becoming friends with someone as revered as Jeff Weissman.

      Eduardo N.
      Categories: Jeffrey A. Weissman
      "Absolutely fantastic."

      Jeff and the entire staff of Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider, P.A. are absolutely fantastic.

      Jill L.
      "Jeffrey Weissman and his team were definitely among the most professional that I’ve met."

      As General Counsel of diversified family office, I am familiarized to dealing with many attorneys in different jurisdictions. Jeffrey Weissman and his team were definitely among the most professional that I’ve met. We needed the best to have a reasonable protective prenuptial agreement for one of our shareholders. Since our first meeting, Jeff walked us through the whole process from beginning to end, answering all of our questions and helping us, especially our shareholder, to understand everything. Jeff’s questions were very accurate to identify our interests and concerns, he was always focused and looking at the big picture so as to achieve all of our goals in a timely manner and he knew when to push back and when to hold steady. He was also very clever on how to work with our opposing party to get the job done in a timely manner. Overall, we were very satisfied with the result of our agreement and highly recommend Gladstone & Weissman’s legal services.

      Former Client
      "I would highly recommend Tova Verchow representing your Divorce Case."

      Tova Verchow is a highly competent and professional attorney who serves in the best interest of the Client. Going through a Divorce is difficult in one’s life; with Tova, she has high standards, moral character, and integrity to take you through the process not only representing you but in dealing with your Ex-Spouse and opposing Counsel. Tova and her team (Danielle & Alexa) have excellent follow-up skills in completing your case in a fair and timely fashion. I would highly recommend Tova Verchow representing your Divorce Case.

      Ed M.
      Categories: Tova N. Verchow
      "They were able to get me through a couple of difficult situations without a big blow up."

      I have used Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider, P.A. on more than one occasion and have found them very responsive and thorough in their advice and conclusions. They were able to get me through a couple of difficult situations without a big blow up. I would recommend them to anyone needing their specialty.

      Peter W.