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Comprehensive Legal Support for High-Asset Divorce in South Florida

At Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider, P.A., our high net worth divorce lawyers have built a strong reputation by taking well-prepared high net worth divorce cases to court and prevailing on behalf of clients seeking divorces with much at stake. 

From the beginning of a case until its conclusion, we customize advice and strategies to match the goals of each person we represent.

Getting legal advice early on can benefit your high-asset divorce case as you prepare for divorce proceedings—today, for an initial consultation on your high net-worth divorce case.

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Why High Net Worth Divorces Require Skilled Boca Raton Attorneys

High net-worth divorce cases in Boca Raton need an experienced family law attorney to represent clients and protect their assets. 

If you are facing divorce, your ex-spouse likely has a divorce attorney. 

You don’t want to go up against the opposing legal team without legal support. 

A family law lawyer can assist with analyzing divorce laws, deciding on value, and understanding what is going on with your high net-worth case.

High-asset divorces present special considerations, and we are fit to rise to each challenge, including:

  • Asset division that will be approved by a judge, while preserving our clients’ financial security
  • Sophisticated divorce litigation when unique factors are part of the package

Our clients have included people from all walks of life, including executives, public figures in entertainment and government, and professional athletes. 

People in the high echelon of public and private spheres insist on high-net worth legal representation. 

Time and again, our high net worth divorce lawyers have demonstrated that our skills match up with their demands. 

Our divorce lawyers in Boca Raton recognize that many high-net-worth individuals have extraordinary needs for privacy and discretion. 

Asset Identification and Protection with Boca Raton Divorce Experts

We are adept at accommodating special situations through tried-and-true ways of keeping personal and family law matters discreet while meeting legal requirements.

Our high-net-worth clients in Boca Raton often have complex asset portfolios that need the attention of qualified forensic accountants. 

We maintain extensive networks of professionals who deliver valuation of businesses, uncover hidden assets, and advise us on how our clients can protect their assets through and beyond a high-net-worth divorce.

Strategic Divorce Planning for High Net Worth Individuals in Boca Raton

Thankfully, divorce is rare in most people’s lives. 

Although many bring preconceived notions to the table about how a divorce will play out, we take the time to share which approach will likely protect the most important assets, as well as parenting time.

Some people arrive at our door assuming that an aggressive approach is appropriate given the circumstances. 

However, a careful evaluation may reveal that privacy and preservation of parent-child relationships will be much more important than experiencing the catharsis of a win in a Palm Beach County courtroom. 

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as divorce mediation or collaborative divorce may be better suited to a client’s overall goals. 

We listen intently and exercise great care when recommending a path forward that will achieve the client’s objectives in a high-asset divorce, or any divorce. 

Ultimately, however, the client must make key decisions, and we work hard to educate each person so they will be equipped to choose what is right in the short term, as well as over years to come.

Above all, we refrain from emphasizing the potential for short-term results at the expense of more important long-term goals. When children are involved in a high net worth divorce, the stakes could not be higher. 

Nurturing parent-child relationships involves more than the nuts and bolts of a child custody order. Family dynamics over a lifetime, and even into future generations, will be impacted by how a divorce is played out. 

We have successfully helped many divorcing high-net worth parents see the big picture while tending to the details that a complex divorce may entail.

If you decide to work with our law firm in Boca Raton, you can expect individualization in all aspects of our counsel and advocacy for you. 

Whether or not your high net worth divorce case should go to trial, we will use every tool and method available to protect your dignity, your assets, and your children through the divorce process.

At every juncture of your family law case, with our guidance, you can count on regular updates and realistic projection. 

We never promise things that cannot be promised. Rather, we practice honesty while delivering skillful representation.

Confidential Consultation for High-Asset Divorce in Boca Raton

If you are facing a high-asset divorce, consulting with a Boca Raton family law attorney as soon as possible is a good idea. 

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What Our Clients Have Said

  • I highly recommend them

    “When faced with divorce, it’s rare to find a firm that you can trust and that personally cares about their clients. Gladstone, Weissman, Hirschberg & Schneider is that firm. During the process I worked with Jeffrey Weissman and Denise Schneider, who were very competent and always made me feel heard and safe. Recently I had a modification and once again, Denise Schneider handled it professionally, was able to help resolve the situation in my favor. I highly recommend them and their firm as trusted advisors.”

  • A pleasure to watch you work.

    “On a personal note, it truly means so much to me that you handled my case. It has been a pleasure to watch you work and lead your team. I am so impressed and would recommend you to anyone who needs a Marital and family Attorney.”

  • I owe you a great deal of gratitude.

    “I could not have achieved that without you and your team. If anything is to come up in the future, I will reach out. Thank you so much again, Peter.”