What Factors Determine Child Custody and Timesharing in Florida?

Child-related issues are the heart and soul of most Florida divorces. What happens during child custody and timesharing determinations can lead to further conflict or, perhaps, smooth the way for future peace between you and your co-parent.

Many couples amid a high-asset divorce believe that their wealth, or lack of wealth, plays the largest role in a court’s child custody decisions. In the modern world, money matters less than you may think it does. Financial stability does make a difference. However, it is the overall best interests of the child that typically plays the largest role.

Factors used for child custody and timesharing decisions

Determining the best interests of a child means looking at many different factors. Some of these include the following:

  • The physical, mental and moral status of both parents
  • Whether a proposed home for the child is permanent or temporary
  • The willingness of each parent to honor the child custody plan
  • Both parents’ ability to preserve routine and continuity for their child
  • Identifying which parent can best meet their children’s financial needs
  • Whether one or both parents have a history of domestic violence
  • Willingness to encourage a strong bond with the other parent
  • The level of involvement both parents have with their child
  • Each parent’s willingness to honor the child custody and timesharing plan.

When you want the best for your children during and after your divorce, try to avoid thinking that your wealth will prove you deserve custody. Instead, work with your attorney to show how you can provide the best environment for your children. In the end, you will improve your odds of acquiring the outcome you want by proving that your children always come first.

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