Taking a Pragmatic Approach to Discussing a Prenuptial Agreement

Getting married is an emotional time, but several logistical and practical issues come with this type of union. And avoiding these matters because they are uncomfortable or unromantic can be a costly mistake.

Thus, when it comes to subjects like a prenuptial agreement, you can take a pragmatic approach to this discussion to minimize emotional fallout or conflict.

Providing reassurance and context

People often jump to the conclusion that asking for a prenup means that you do not believe the marriage will last or that you do not trust and love your partner. These misconceptions can derail conversations before they even begin. Therefore, it can be crucial to reassure your soon-to-be-spouse and put a prenup into context.

Some ways to do this include explaining that the agreement is a vehicle to define rights and obligations for people entering into a marriage. This can be an especially vital point when both parties bring children, businesses or properties into the marriage.

In other words, it is not a plan to punish the other person. Instead, it is more like a guide or safety net that is only relevant if the marriage ends.

Take your time and get advice

There should be no suggestion that a person tricked or coerced a person into signing a prenup. Not only can this create conflict and distrust between partners, but it can also render the agreement invalid.

To avoid these unfortunate situations, each person should have the time and opportunity to discuss what they want out of a prenuptial agreement. And each party should have legal counsel to review this contract before signing it.

Remember it is about more than money

The primary reason behind creating a prenup is to protect individual assets. However, there are other goals that this contract can accomplish, which can be just as important to engaged parties.

A prenup can protect people’s privacy; it can protect your inheritance for your children from a previous relationship; it can establish the chosen dispute resolution method spouses use if they divorce. All of these matters can provide partners with peace of mind and confidence before they enter a marriage.

Discussing a prenup does not have to be a contentious, fraught process. When parties take an open, pragmatic approach, they can have an easier time having this and future complicated discussions.

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